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Square Fused Silica Shapes
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Fused Silica Transmission
Round and Square Fused Silica Shape

​Properties Explained

​Fused Silica glass is an extremely pure material. Made from high purity silica tetra chloride and burned in oxygen to become fused silica glass. Because of this purity it has many desirable properties.

​High transmission of light from the ultra violet region to the infra red areas where the human eye cannot even see. Transmission is greater than 78% at 173nm and over 89% at 193nm. A very high thermal coefficient of expansion 5.2 X 10-7 per degree C, which means it will handle high temperatures without breaking or expanding or contracting.

​It is close to diamonds for hardness, on a scale diamond has a hardness of 10 and fused silica is 8.9, this means that the material is very scratch resistant.

This material will handle temperatures up to 1,700 degrees before it starts to soften.

The Problem:

​You need a window that will handle high temperatures and be very scratch resistant while also transmitting light over a wide wavelength range.

The Solution:

Make your window from fused silica and all your ​​​​​​​​​​problems will be solved with this one material.

Fused Silica sizes we have in stock.

Inquire for other diameters and thickness made custom for you.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Part Number







​1/20 wave

​25.4 mm

​3 mm

​5 arc seconds



​1/10 wave

​50.8 mm

​3 mm

​5 arc seconds



​1/10 wave

​76.2 mm

​3 mm

​5 arc seconds



​1/20 wave

​25.4 mm

​6.35 mm

​2 arc seconds