Apochromatic ​Telescope

We offer apochromatic telescopes for a virtually color free viewing experience. All hand made in our shop.

What We offer

  • Apochromatic telescope
  • Calcium Fluoride triplet lens
  • White optical tube assembly
  • ​Dew shield
  • Solid machined mounting rings
  • ​Feather touch focuser
  • Virtually color free images

Apochromatic Telescope OTA

​115mm F6.35


Triplet design using calcium fluoride as the center element

Anti-Reflection coated

Dew Shield

Baffled tube assembly

Computer optimized

Feather Touch Focuser

Made in U.S.A.

Apochromatic Telescope OTA

​​150mm F7


​Clear aperture  150mm

Focal Length 1050mm

Resolution .77 arc sec

Tube diameter 153mm / 5.9"

Apochromatic Telescope OTA

​180mm f7


​​Clear aperture 170mm

Focal Length 1190mm

Resolution .64 arc sec

​Weight is 33lbs for complete Optical tube assembly

Fluoride lenses

​We start with raw calcium fluoride and grind, polish, test, edge, center and coat each individual lens to give you the best possible Apochromatic telescope OTA objective

Centering Lens

​Centering the lens

We align the lens optical axis with the mechanical axis and edge so they are aligned perfectly to assure collimation

CaF2 elements

CaF2 elements

​Lenses are ready

​We blacken each lens to reduce stray light reflections which also increases the contrast of the completed objective.

​Why choose us?
Every lens hand made and tested
Assuring you get a true apochromatic telescope
Coatings are specially designed for each element to give maximum light transmission
Each lens is centered mechanically to the optical axis and edged assuring perfect collimation
All operations done in our shop NOTHING is outsourced
We have been making optics for 35 years

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