Fused silica windows, apochromatic objectives, diagonal telescope mirrors.

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​Proudly made in the United States

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Diagonal Mirror

Telescope Diagonal Mirrors

We ​make our diagonal mirrors from fine annealed Pyrex and fused silica glass. They are edged, ground and polished, coated right in our factory. Finally tested to assure your mirror is really FLAT.

fused silica windows

​Fused Silica Windows

​Fused Silica windows made in all sizes, round, square, rectangle. Custom & stock windows for your project. From a single window to 100's made in our shop. Coatings available also.

Calcium fluoride lenses

​Apochromat Objectives

Few things are as important to the ​viewing pleasure than a color free telescope objective.  You will be amazed at the images our objectives will allow you to see. 

Ultimate Flexibility With custom generated optics, Fast turnaround Elements​, stocking over 150 glass types for your project…

​Generating custom diagonal mirrors up to 7" minor axis!

Look at the video below to see a small diagonal being shaped.

​We make custom diagonal mirrors.

​Telescope Diagonals

Made from either fused silica or pyrex. Our mirrors are made entirely in our shop. If you need a custom minor axis size we will be able to meet your needs.

Some of Our Top Clients

Fused Silica Window 1
Fused Silica Window 2
Fused Silica Window 3

Nothing Quite Like Perfect Optics

​With a history dated back to when we were in our garage coating telescope mirrors we now have a complete optical shop.  We have all the testing equipment necessary to manufacture top of the line optics.  All our machining is done also in our own machine shop using cnc and manual machines.