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Custom Prisms

Our complete in-house capability includes metal, glass, & plastic fabrication, grinding and polishing makes us ideally suited for anything from low-volume runs to prototype custom work.

UV Glass Windows

UV Glass Windows

Custom and stock fused silica uv glass windows are made at Precision Applied Products. We can make your custom window in any shape with our cnc machines and saws to make rectangle, square and round uv glass windows quickly.

Centering Spindle

Lens Centering

Lens centration performed routinely is based on the “transfer spindle” method. In the centration process, the spindle that holds the lens element during lens edging is a removable unit, instead of being an integral part of the edging machine.

Prism Pictures

What can we make for you?

From right angle, porro, pechan, dove, schmidt, wedge and many other custom prism shapes out of your choice of optical material.