​​Reasons Why You Need Fused Silica Windows Made Quickly

From stock to custom made in just hours.

Flatness 1/20 wave with parallelism of 5 arc seconds.

We offer optical coatings on these fused silica windows.
If you need mirror coatings we do that also.

​We stock .118″ (3mm) and .25″ (6.35mm) thick fused silica windows already polished.

​UV Fused Silica Windows are available in standard and custom sizes ranging from 1/4″ to 5″ diameter and square or rectangular sizes

Custom made fused silica optical windows

  • ​ Discs and rods
  •  Debris Shields
  • ​ Reference surfaces
  • ​Aerospace and commercial windows
  • Medical uses
  • heart-o

    ​​Super Precision Centering

    Accurate spindles have class 9 bearings, which have a run out of .5 um (.00002”)

    Let us make a window for you today.

    ​Superior transmission and excellent heat properties combined with extreme tolerance manufacturing specifications make our windows an excellent choice for your applications.


    ​Windows we have made for customers

    High purity uv fused silica window completely eliminates contamination.

    These are chemical resistant, high stability against a variety of solvents. Heat resistant, high dimensional stability over a wide temperature range.

    Fused Silica round window

    Fused Silica round window

    Transparency, high transmission over a wide range of wavelengths

    Fused silica windows have no fluorescence

    Fused Silica round window

    Transmission below 180nm

  • Wavefront Flatness: 1/20 wave
  • Diameter: Better than ± 0.005mm
  • Thickness: ±0.2mm
  • Surface Quality: 60-40 scratch and dig
  • What can we make for you?

    What can we make for you?

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