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Wooden Refractor
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​140mm F-7 Apochromatic OTA
Price $6800
  • Specifications
  • Optics
  • Wood  OTA

​All optics are manufactured in our plant located in Placentia, CA 

​Multiple lens element design

We use special lenses as the center element with matching outer elements for optimum viewing.

Coatings are applied specifically for each element to maximum light transmission.

Each element is centered to assure perfect collimation.

Fully baffled tube assembly to minimize any stray light and increase contrast.





  1. ​Virtually Color Free Viewing
  2. ​Baffles Computer Stray Light Optimized
  3. ​All Lenses Anti-Reflection Coated For Maximum Transmission
  4. Fast Delivery 5 to 7 months
  5. Excellent Prices

Apochromatic Refractors We Build

Color free refractor objectives from small to large for over 35 years
Polishing a block of windows
​Built for you
Centering your lens
​Centering your lens
Pete Holding Refractor Tube Assembly

​Precision Applied Products 140 mm F-6

 Apochromatic tube assembly. Made entirely in our shop with meticulous details. Our main focus is on how well we center the lenses compared to the mechanical axis. This is done to assure perfect collimation. The lenses are centered to within 2 microns of each other and the cell.