6 reasons you want quality made fused silica windows made by us

UV Fused Silica Windows

UV Fused Silica Windows, Anti-Reflection Coated Available
Precision Applications demanding high quality windows
Sizes from .050 inches through 8 inch Diameters

UV Fused Silica Windows feature the highest standards in surface quality and less than 5 arc seconds parallelism. Available uncoated uv fused silica windows, or with your coating requirements. The superior transmission and excellent heat properties combined with extreme tolerance manufacturing specifications make our windows an excellent choice for your applications.

Custom fused silica windows are easy for us
We stock .118″ (3mm) and .25″ (6.35mm) thick fused silica windows already polished.
Flatness 1/20 wave with parallelism of less than 5 arc seconds.
We can offer optical coatings on these fused silica windows.
If you need mirror coatings we can do that also.
Custom fused silica windows made for you, send us your needed dimensions or give us a call.

UV Fused Silica Windows are available in standard and custom sizes ranging from 1/4″ to 5″ and square or rectangular sizes.

We have stock UV Fused Silica Windows are available in a 0.125 inch thick substrate.  0.125 inch thick windows are ideal where space is limited. Stock fused silica window thickness from .040 through .25 inch.
Custom sizes are available depending on customer’s requirements.

UV-grade fused silica is designed for applications that benefit from better transmission further into the UV than N-BK7. UV fused silica also offers a lower index of refraction, better homogeneity, and a lower coefficient of thermal expansion.

Precision Applied Products offers High-Precision Windows fabricated from other substrate materials along with fused silica for use in a variety of applications.

  • Precision Applied Products is used to custom manufacturing fused silica optical windows for a wide variety of applications:
  • • Discs and rods
  • • Debris Shields
  • • Reference surfaces
  • • Aerospace and commercial windows
  • • Medical uses